About Us

Employment Program

Employment Works, Inc. has a program designed with the individual in mind. We start with learning about an individual's strengths and preferences. Then we design a program to help each person meet their employment needs from the beginning stages of job search activity, through the training period to following up long after the individual has been on-the-job. We also stay in touch with the employer to increase the likelihood of success.

Residential Program

Employment Works, Inc. knows everyone has different goals in life. It is our business to find out what each individual wants to achieve then provide the supports to make it happen. That is why our program is designed to provide individuals with a support person to work on a one-to-one ratio with people to focus specifically on their goals.

Additional Information

Employment Works, Inc. provides payee services, transportation when appropriate, tutoring services, access to ARC and People First activities and we have a membership for general use of the local YMCA. We also have a couple of sponsored activities per year providing us an opportunity to socialize and have some fun!