Employment Program

Program Summary

  1. Assist in obtaining and filling out job applications
  2. Assist in returning applications
  3. Accompany client to interview
  4. Assist client in training and getting to new job
  5. Accompany client to job for support for as long as needed
  6. Client is able to work independently

Our Employment program involves helping individuals prepare, obtain and maintain employment. Our staff will assist the individual in obtaining and filling applications to ensure they are as complete as possible.

Staff will assist the individual in returning the application and will ask to speak with the person in charge of hiring as to explain Employment Works, Inc. involvement.

If the client is called in for an interview our staff will accompany them to assist the client with giving all the pertinent information the interviewer is asking for and to obtain necessary information about the job.

When the individual is hired for a position several things take place: Employment Works, Inc. will obtain the necessary information to assist the individual with getting to work on time, dress appropriately and get a basic understanding of what the person will be doing in order to assist with training.

Our staff will accompany the individual to his/her job and reinforce any training provided by the employer, provide the person with supports to help them meet the employer's expectations, provide direction when dealing with co-workers and supervisors and to help them acclimate to the new work environment.

Supports on the job may last for a couple of days up to a couple of months depending how long it is taking the individual to become proficient at their job. Our goal for the individual will be to work independently and meet the employer's expectations at the time our supports on the job are discontinued.

Individuals may benefit from participating in a community based work experience. These positions are time limited and unpaid.

Additional Information

Our agency provides adequate Liability insurance to cover any losses or injuries that may occur on the job-site regarding our staff. During an unpaid work experience or at volunteer sites, individuals are covered by their own personal insurance and are not entitled to any benefits provided by the business unless a case of extreme negligence on the part of the business causes an injury to the individual.